Usage of UPI Prepaid Card

Withdrawal tool for investment Forex, Binary options etc.
Commission Payout method for members or affiliates
Tool for corporate branding and marketing
Handy companion for travelling and studying abroad
Shopping at retail or online store
ATM withdrawal

Why use a prepaid card?


Deposit online at any time

Useable by customers who can’t apply for credit cards


Usable at ATMs and stores with the UPI card logo all over the world

Check balance and transaction history online at any time


Funds can be refunded in case of card loss

No risk of overuse

APPLICATION Difficulty Low Middle
(requires bank account)
High (requires credit history)
USAGE Available Balance Preloaded Amount Balance at bank Credit line
Where to Use Retail POS
Online Shopping
ATM withdrawal
Retail POS
Online Shopping
ATM Withdrawals
Retail POS
Online Shopping
ATM Withdrawals
SAFETY Loss Risk Preloaded amount (can be refunded) Balance at bank Risk of using all of the credit line

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